Onboarding: The First 90 Days

How we help you build a better foundation for growth and profitability.

We developed this structured process to ensure a smooth transition for our clients. We want to establish clear communication channels and set the foundation for a successful client-business relationship.

What it looks like to work with us

  • Project Management Mapping and Financial Software Setup

    Once we have all your info, we’ll start project management mapping and setup for your preferred financial software. 

  • Sales Tax Account Setup

    During onboarding you’ll meet with our sales tax accountant who will connect with your sales tax account. This step may require waiting for approval from state authorities for access.

  • Initial Call with Client Manager

    Following setup, we’ll get you on a call to review setup, discuss your next steps, and figure out a monthly cadence. As needed, we can answer questions or schedule a follow-up call

  • Audit and Cleanup

    We conduct an audit to review the status of your books, identifying problem areas or updates which might be needed. Five hours of onboarding is included in your plan, but additional time can be scoped when needed (based on retainer’s approval).

  • Review Financials

    We will review your year to date financials, scheduling a call to review the numbers and review the completed cleanup work. 

  • Start Monthly Accounting

    With everything completed and approved by the client, we begin normal monthly accounting services. 

What happens after onboarding?