Why Houzz Pro?

Why know the software interior designers use

As a cloud-based, tech-forward accounting firm, Logistis for Designers’ mission is to help designers focus on what they do best.

We have clients that use all of the major project management softwares like Houzz Pro, Ivy, Studio Designer, and MyDoma. (Learn more about how we set up your chart of accounts and sync them between Quickbooks and your software of choice.)

Every software has its benefits, and since we don’t directly benefit from our clients choosing any particular software, we can offer an unbiased opinion.

If you ask us for our advice, we recommend you use Houzz Pro.

From an accounting perspective, we believe it’s the best-in-class project management option for interior design firms. Houzz Pro offers project management tools that make it effortless for designers to stay organized, track project progress, manage budgets, create proposals and contracts, communicate with clients, track tasks, and collaborate effectively.

Here are 10 reasons why we recommend Houzz Pro.

  • 1

    Built-in industry best practices.

    Houzz Pro is set up to facilitate the accounting practices we teach our clients to follow.

  • 2

    Client-covered credit card fees.

    You can pass on the transaction fees to your clients should they choose to use their credit card, saving you a percentage on every invoice.

  • 3

    Sales Tax Compliance.

    They built their software with an eye for accounting to ensure compliance when collecting and filing sales tax.

  • 4

    Project-level Reporting.

    Houzz Pro offers detailed reporting on the project level so you can track per-project profitability.

  • 5

    Error Visibility.

    Houzz Pro has a “Sync Error Dashboard” that provides full visibility to items that not synced to Quickbooks.

  • 6

    Cross-referenced Reporting.

    Houzz Pro’s financial reports cross reference against Quickbooks, so you can see the invoice list in both systems are matched so that you don’t accidentally under or over file quarterly sales tax.

  • 7

    Customizable mapping.

    Set up the chart of accounts so your profit and loss statements are tailored to the needs of each unique design firm.

  • 8

    Product Clipper.

    It’s easy to build your product library by uploading and source products from online sources or by entering the items' specs manually.

  • 9

    Retainer Tracking.

    Houzz Pro makes it easy to collect and apply retainers and has the ability to track remaining balance of retainers.

  • 10

    Selections Tracker.

    You can track profitability by product with their Selections Tracker option.

Learn more about Houzz Pro…

If you would like talk in person about why we recommend Houzz Pro or have questions about how whatever project management software you use integrates with Quickbooks, schedule a call.