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Why Clients Consider Us the Best Accounting Firm
for Interior Design Businesses

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Patrick Tennant

Interiors by Patrick

The thing that I love the most about having Logistis as a team member is that all of the stress of making a bookkeeping error has gone out the window. I look at Logistis as my “safety net” because my Logistis accountant is going to catch any discrepancies and fix it! It’s like having a teacher proof read your essay before you submit your final draft. So I don’t have any stress about making a mistake any more because we are going to catch it together!


Beatriz Rose


The Logistis team are always responsive to our needs. Their knowledge of the complex interior design business, in addition to Ivy and Quickbooks integration, is invaluable.


Caitlin Murray

Black Lacquer Design

Logistis has made what was a burdensome and intimidating aspect of the business into something that is streamlined and easy to understand. Recommending their team to other designers, especially those who use Ivy, is always a no-brainer.


Kelley Lentini

Logistis helps designers do what they are good at — designing! Knowing that everything is being handled and the finance side of our business is in good hands lets us rest easy and frees us up to continue to grow the business!


Andrea May

I would recommend Logistis to any interior design firm of any size that wants a customized, seamless, and best of all, stress-free bookkeeping/back-office process. Not only is Logistis knowledgeable in Ivy software, they consult with Ivy to constantly improve the accounting side of Ivy and the Ivy/Quickbooks Online integration. They’re pros!


Lucille Buell

Logistis has been life-changing for me as a business owner and designer. I no longer have to worry about paying sales tax and income tax on time, reconciling my business accounts monthly, creating and sending client invoices or managing payroll. It frees up my time so I have the time to design and meet with clients – the part I like doing best. It was surprising just how much it reduced stress for me knowing I could completely let go of those responsibilities knowing Logistis had it all under control.


Sayre Ziskin

I’ve seen steady year over year growth, and I’m confident Logistis is a big part of that.


Ross Garrett

Emilie and the team are awesome! They give us peace of mind about the many moving financial parts of the business and ameliorate many of the headaches related to running a design business.


Mika Dubbe

Mika Dubbe Design

Logistis for Designers was an extremely valuable resource for my business by providing excellent services that have improved my business’s organization and financial understanding. I needed to free up time in the bookkeeping department to make more space for design, and their expertise and attention to detail have allowed me to do this. Their services are now an integral part of my business practice and have been instrumental in streamlining my financial process.