Get Your Project Management Software Mapped & Set Up Right

Ivy & Houzz Pro Mapping and Setup for Quickbooks

Set up the Right Chart of Accounts

Sync Your PM Software with QBO

Get Accurate and Streamlined Reports

Interior Design Accounting Key Concepts and Practices

Your Project Management and Accounting Software Should Work Together Seamlessly

Too many interior designers (and even accountants for interior designers) waste time and money manually entering data from Ivy/Houzz Pro into Quickbooks because they don’t know how to properly setup and map the categories.
It’s time to make life easier for you.

Ivy/Houzz Pro to QBO Setup & Mapping


Step 1: Set up Chart of Accounts

We set up the proper categories and chart of accounts to make measuring finances and sales tax for interior designers easier.


Step 2: Map Categories to QBO

We connect your Ivy account to Quickbooks and ensure the connection is accurately functioning especially your sales tax rates.


Step 3: Teach You How to Use It

One hour call with an integration specialist who will walk you through the work completed and answer your questions.

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