Taxes For Interior Designers

Preparation and filing for sales Tax, Federal, and State

Multi-state Nexus and Payments

Annual Tax Return Filing

Monthly Advisory & Accounting

Your Guide to Starting an Interior Design Business

With Logistis for Interior Designers, You Get a Full Tax Team

Bookkeeper – manages your Quickbooks, reconciles bank balances, generates accurate and compliant reports, and make quarterly sales tax payments.
Tax CPA – Advises you on tax strategy and files your annual taxes.
Advisor – Guides you on industry best practices, correct chart of accounts, and project management software integration with QBO.

The Logistis for Interior Designers Tax & Accounting Plan


Step 1: Onboard

We help you connect your project management software to QBO and get your financials organized. If needed we will file for tax extension at this time.


Step 2: Clean Up

We make sure your books are up to date and compliant, so you can maximize your tax savings.


Step 3: Taxes

Your bookkeeper handles your sales tax payments, and we connect you with your tax CPA to help you file your annual taxes.

Ready To Get Started?


No, unfortunately we can only take on tax clients that also choose to use our accounting services.
In most cases we will extend your return so we can get your books cleaned up before filing your annual return.
Our packages start at $799/m. Learn more about our pricing and packages
No. Your tax CPA will charge an additional fee based on the complexity of your tax needs. The fee is typically $1200-$2500.