Add-On Item – Category (A)

$75.00 / month

  • Examples of Category (A) Add-On Items
    • A/R (up to 5 invoices per month) -or-
    • A/P (up to 5 bills per month)  -or-
    • Payroll with Gusto (up to 2 salary employees) -or-
    • Additional bank or credit card account (up to 50 additional transactions) *This does not include Stripe or PayPal -or-
    • 1099 filings (up to 10 contractors per year) – or-
    • Quarterly sales tax filing -or-
    • Monthly client hourly time billing (up to 3 clients) -or-
    • Monthly employee expense reimbursement (amount provided by the client) -or-
    • Quarterly meetings to review reports with a bookkeeper (up to 5hrs per year)