Our Top 5 Interior Wall Paint Colors for 2023

Fewer people are picking the traditional white and light grey interior wall color and instead opting for unique colors to express their creativity. Here are the paint colors that we’ve seen increased popularity in.

1) Black

Black Walls - Interior Design Trend for 2023

Black is probably a color that you weren’t expecting to see when you clicked this link. Although it’s not super popular yet, its popularity has definitely been increasing over the past few years. Black looks incredible when paired with gold, silver, or wooden accents and furniture. As with other dark paints, make sure you have adequate lighting first so make the color work, and expect your space to be darker as well.

2) Green

Olive Green Wall Interior Design Trend for 2023

Just like black, green looks absolutely gorgeous with gold or wooden accents. Green is probably the color we’ve seen the biggest popularity increase this year. As more people start loving the look of solid wood furniture, you can expect the popularity of green paint to grow simply because of how amazing it looks beside the wood.

3) Darker Blues

Dark Blue Paint - Interior Design Trend for 2023

Light blues were popular in the past but we’ve seen an increase in the use of darker blue tones in recent years. Blue paint is a great way to give a room a nautical feel when moving near water isn’t an option. Darker blues look amazing when paired with black or gold accents. As with other darker colors, we recommend making the room has good lighting first in order to make the color work really well.

Blue as a color is very calming that can really work its magic to give your space a very royal and sophisticated feel to it.

4) Mauve

Mauve Paint Interior Design Trend for 2023

If you have indoor plants or like to decorate with green, having mauve-colored walls might work really well for you. Mauve usually works best for spaces like bedrooms or offices and it provides a very cozy and relaxing environment.

With plants, it’s best to go with a more neutral mauve color that has earthy tones mixed in. Mauve used to be used many decades ago and was really popular but it’s definitely seeing an increase in popularity again, just mixed with more neutral tones.

5) Limewash



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Limewash itself comes in many different colors and people love it because of the texture and feel it gives a room. The great thing about limewash that DIYers love is the fact that imperfections are part of the final look. Limewashing with earthy tones is something that we’ve seen more and more with clients as well as on social media.

When you have guests coming over, you can almost expect to get compliments on the uniqueness of your walls.

We love to watch new interior design companies thrive. If you’re thinking about starting an interior design company, please feel free to contact us and we’ll work with you to make sure that you have your finances in order.

Our Top 5 Interior Wall Paint Colors for 2023


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