Why Hire a Professional to File Your Interior Design Income Tax?

Are you an interior designer and looking to file your income tax, but aren’t sure if you should just do it yourself or hire a professional? Maybe we can help you decide!

A lot of interior designers make the decision to hire someone to take care of their bookkeeping, accounting, and tax filings. There are a lot of benefits to hiring someone who is a professional.

Tax Professionals Are Experts in Their Field

The first reason is the same reason that clients hire interior designers; because your clients know that interior designers are more knowledgeable when it comes to making a space look and perform best. An interior designer has a vast amount of experience with their past works that help make future projects faster and more efficient, and in the same way, a tax professional can help you find write-offs and savings that you probably would not know about yourself.

Save Yourself Time and Money (and the Headache)

Another reason that interior designers outsource finances is to save time and money. That may seem odd since you’re paying for the service, but think about how much your time is worth. If it takes you 20 or 30  hours to figure out all the rules and forms you have to fill out, are those hours worth more than what you would pay someone else to do it for you? Could you do something else with that saved time such as satisfying a new client, making more money, or allowing you to send a few more proposals? This will also give you time at the end of the year to prepare your business for the upcoming year, and spend time with family over the holidays instead of stressing yourself out with numbers and the thought that a mistake could be made.


A tax professional who works heavily in your industry probably knows many other interior designers as well. So if other interior designers have to turn down jobs due to time constraints, it’s very likely that they ask their network for suggestions. Besides networking, a tax professional who works with interior designers can help make recommendations for your business based on what their other clients use, this can include things like software to help run the business, social media marketing platforms that other designers like to use, advertising agencies that have provided growth, and of course many more!

Hiring the Right Company

When it comes to filing taxes or bookkeeping, it’s definitely good to shop around but don’t always settle for the cheapest offer. Look for a company with experience dealing with your specific industry. The time and money you save can be quickly lost if something is filed incorrectly and you end up being audited. If you get a call from the IRS, they’re probably not looking for an interior designer to hire. The best way to find a company is to ask other interior designers in your network about who they use, and their experience with the company. If you’re looking into our company, feel free to take a look at the clients we work with, and what they have to say about their experience with us.

If you already have an interior design business or are planning to start an interior design business in the near future, feel free to contact us and we can help you in whatever way we can. If you need a company to help with your bookkeeping and/or taxes, we can do that as well.

Why Hire a Professional to File Your Interior Design Income


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