Other Services

In addition to our monthly packages, we offer a variety of one-off services to help streamline your business. Take a look below and learn how we can help your business!


  • Hire us to connect your Ivy/Houzz Pro to QBO!
  • We have developed the best mapping categories and chart of accounts that offer designers ease in measuring finances and sales tax.
  • Includes an hour call with an integration specialist who will walk you through the work completed and answer your questions.


  • Let us know what you would like to discuss during your consulting session and we will find the right expert within our team!
  • Topics vary from sales tax, interior design practices, comprehensive overview of the Ivy/Houzz Pro & QBO Integration, how to analyze your financial statements, payroll support, and budgeting or forecasting.


  • Cash Flow Optimization – Optimize cash, shore up your capital position & extend your runway for business resilience.
  • Key Performance Indicators – Setup and track custom KPI’s
  • Profitability Analysis – Calculate the profit margin and the profit share per customer, job, or job type.
  • Pricing and Cost Analysis – Do you raise prices or look for greater margins or source lower costs?
  • Benchmarks – Benchmark analysis is a form of market research used by businesses who wish to compare their existing performance to the best practices in the industry. Compare your firm to others, view trends in the industry, and set targets for your own firm.


  • Having effective project management software is key to running a profitable interior design business. Partner with our interior design accountant to consult on what is best for your business.
  • Once you submit our interior design questionnaire with basic operational information, we can use our research and experience to guide you in the right direction.
  • Includes a one-hour consulting call with our findings and recommendations.
  • 30 days after implementation, a follow-up call is included to determine if the match was successful for your business and to address any hiccups that we can help support and work through.
  • Please note that implementation and setup are not included in this package rate.