Top 9 Interior Design Trends For 2021

Trends constantly change, and it includes even the simplest interior design styles. No matter what style you choose, there is a new trend on the horizon for you. Incorporating some of the current interior design ideas is the quickest method to improve your home’s décor. Have you thought of updating your home’s interior design? Is it time to update an outdated kitchen or bathroom? If that’s the case, you’ll have a lot of choices when it comes to the best interior design trends for 2021.

1. Rich Paint And Wallpaper

Rich Paint and Wallpaper

You can experiment with different color palettes and add bright, bold colors that best suit your taste. You can go with light, pastel colors for a minor change or use bright colors like yellow and green for a more vivid change. Use wallpaper for textured walls if you want a quick solution to your old, poorly textured walls and replace it with modern designs to give your space a clean, new look. With wallpapers, you can opt for printed designs to add a statement wall to the room.

2. Maximalist Interior

Minimalist homes have been a trend for the past years, but in 2021, maximalism is becoming one of the top interior trends for many homeowners. A maximalist approach can bring more colors, texture, and life to your space if you’re tired of the usual white and neutral color scheme. Patterned rugs and printed sheets can also help achieve a maximalist interior look. If you’re a collector, you can use pieces from your collection to decorate various corners of your house. It can be a bookshelf, a gallery wall, antiques, sculptures, and other art pieces that give your home more character.

3. Create A Productive Home Office Space

Create A Productive Home Office Space

The current pandemic situation increased the number of people who choose to work in their own homes—because of this, having an efficient and dedicated workspace is essential for people to remain productive during work hours. If you have an unused room, you can transform it into a home office. Choose a light paint shade to make the room feel lively and add natural elements, such as plants, to make the space more calming.

A vinyl flooring that looks like wood can warm up the area and balance the space between feeling cozy and professional. Don’t forget to add lamps and warm lighting to help you work better. If you need space to rest during breaks, adding an accent chair can complement your home office.

4. Mediterranean Style Kitchen

One of the top kitchen styles in 2021 is a Mediterranean interior design. It provides the space a timeless and romantic ambiance that can make the cooking experience more inviting. There are many ways you can achieve a Mediterranean kitchen. You can add ceiling beams, backsplash tile, and showcase shelves. Using limewash paint can also help you achieve a Mediterranean look.

5. French Country Kitchen

French Country Kitchen

An apron-front sink and quartz countertops can easily transform your kitchen into a French Country design. Make sure you know how to clean quartz countertops if you choose quartz for your kitchen space to make it last longer. You can also pair modern furniture with vintage ones to give your kitchen space a vintage feel without making it look too old. For instance, a vintage table island can go well with new wooden chairs for your breakfast bar.

6. Zen Inspired Bathroom

Design a bathroom by making it feel calming and clean. Since it’s a space where you can wash off after a workday and relax during free days, it’s best to create a zen bathroom design for you to enjoy. Add a bathtub in the space to make baths more relaxing and provide storage space for you to put your favorite body wash, bath bombs, and candles. Add a mirror to extend the space and allow more light to bounce into the room.

7. Wooden Interior Doors

Wooden Interior Doors

There are many interior door types and styles you can choose from when designing a room. Pick a barn door to save space or a solid wood door to match any room design you want to achieve. Use neutral and wooden finishes to complement your wooden doors and add plants to achieve a tranquil ambiance.

8. Industrial Design

Industrial style has been on the rise for millennial homeowners. You can go for concrete finishes to achieve an industrial look and pair it with steel, copper, and stone accents. Use minimal accessories to style the home and opt for a large art piece or statement furniture piece to complete the look.

9. Luxury Design

Luxury Design

A luxurious interior design never gets old, and it’s still one of the top interior designs for 2021. You can achieve a lux interior by using modern furniture pieces, layering various lighting, and choosing elegant neutral wall colors to keep the space sleek and clean.

Upgrade Your Space in 2021

These are only some of the top design trends in 2021 that you can use to improve your home’s appeal. While trends come and go, a well-kept home interior can become timeless. Pick the right interior design trends according to your style and transform your home into a comfortable, lively, and relaxing space you can enjoy with your family.

Natalie Akins is the Interior Design Editor at Innovative Building Materials. With over 20 years of interior design experience, Natalie has worked on many projects including commercial office design and residential spaces.

Top 9 Interior Design Trends For 2021


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