Interior Design Trends Going Away & Here to Stay in 2019

Amanda Lauren is a Contributor for Forbes Magazine. Published on Dec. 20th

2018 was the year of many looks including marble, bold floors, rose gold, and shiplap just about everywhere it could be. While many of the styles we saw will continue to be popular in 2019, others are officially over. Whether you are renovating your home, buying a new one or simply redecorating a room, here is everything you need to know from the designers who set the trends.

Instinctual Decorating

Dynamic duo Alexis Rodgers and Pam Mamourian of Home With Alexis look at the upcoming 2019 design trends as a positive change. Alexis stated, “I see a shift away from the omnipresent cool gray walls and dark stained hardwood floors of the past few years towards a warmer color palette and more vibrant accent colors. The former palette will still have a place in homes of a certain style, but more and more clients are embracing the latter. People are exploring a more out-of-the-box, colorful side and want their homes to be a reflection of who they are, not a page out of a catalog.”

To the same point, Pam projects that the trend for 2019 is all about individuals gaining a sense of confidence in their own voice. “I believe it’s a reaction to the current political climate and a step into a post television design show period. This will take shape through a variety of ideas and forms, but be prepared to see more individuality, warmth, and personality expressed in interiors this year.”

Whimsical Style

Happiness never goes out of style and it looks like fun, whimsical art and decor isn’t going away anytime soon either. Robyn Blair Davidson, who was called “The Most In-Demand Instagram Artist of 2018,” will be keeping that title for 2019, with her line of candy art by robynblair designed to sweeten up any space. “People want to be surrounded by things that make them happy,” explained Davidson. She thinks people vibe with the style of her artwork because “These elements make people smile every time they see them. The bright fonts, colors, and textures are art within themselves.”

Green Everything

Green will be everywhere in 2019. Michael Schoeller and Joanna Darling of SCHOELLER + DARLING DESIGN are particularly touting green upholstery “From grass green to more mixed teals.”

They also suggest decorating with lots of live greenery throughout the home. “Use in clusters, mixed containers in heights and sizes. We particularly like containers with matte finishes or raw finishes like concrete. Small trees and plants give shape and texture and add life to a room. Crowd a front window with them or use them in large groups rather than in single plants dotted around.”

Ornate Walls

Aurore Martial of Domus Venus loves textured walls for 2019. “They add more contrast, and having two different materials is a lot more appealing, even if you stay in the same tones.”

Another way to make walls look more interesting is to add paint. She suggests, “If you really want to stick to paint, try different shapes, in Neo Memphis style.”

Paint is also a budget-friendly option. “You really get a wow effect at a fraction of the cost of a statement piece, and it fills the whole room, so the rest can be more neutral. The walls will make the room.”

Murals are another popular trend. “I love murals because in a minimalist room it will draw the attention and become the focus piece.”

Modern Vintage Lighting

Bobby Berk of Bobby Berk Interior Design says we are saying bye to Edison Bulbs and replacing them with vintage modern lighting. He explained, “Rather than the exposed bulb and exposed wiring I much prefer a vintage piece of lighting that has stylistic cues from France or Italian modern design. They are refined, well proportioned, modern and have sculptural lines and shapes. Think Stillnovo, Bauhaus or Sarfatti for wall sconces and lamps.”

Halo LED Chandeliers will also be big next year according to Michael Friedes, of Michael Friedes Design Associates. “They offer a sense of a sculptural form that produces a very functional light source at the same time—as evidenced in this dining area I designed for the penthouse apartment at The Harrison in San Francisco.”

Street Art Inspired Style

Donna Mondi, who is the President of Donna Mondi Interior Design predicts that street art will be coming home. She explained, “There’s something about the grittiness that I find so appealing. In 2019, what DMID believes will stand true, is blending graffiti with something more feminine and traditional, which makes it all the more exciting and is easy to incorporate into many different design styles. This graffiti Shakespeare bust suddenly transforms into an edgy statement piece when tagged with graffiti art by London based Jimmie Martin.

Evolved Cabinetry

Dark and cherry wood cabinets are officially over and 2019 will be the year that kitchens evolve. Christine Stucker of Stewart-Schafer stated that painted cabinetry will be the hot contemporary look. She explained, “This is a very timeless look and there are an amazing array of colors to choose from especially with brands like Farrow and Ball.”

In terms of hardware, Highlyann Krasnow of The Design High loves pewter and gunmetal right now. “It’s not as harsh as matte black or specific as brass or gold, but it gives fixtures some texture and depth.”

But not all cabinetry will need handles and pulls. Sara Ianniciello of Whitehall Interiors says we will see upper kitchen cabinets replaced with metal, wood or glass shelving. “Inspired by hotel and retail spaces, this adds to the overall bold statements that many people want to make in their homes, forgoing the minimalism that was popular in years past.”

Matte Black In Kitchens And Bathrooms

According to Breegan Jane, matte black fixtures will continue to trend. She elaborated, “Talking to plumbing companies, they say they are [expanding their lines]. This got me thinking matte black everything is in right now.”

Colorful Kitchen Appliances

Colors are big and bold this year, especially in the kitchen. Appliances are a great way to add a pop, according to Orion Creamer, Founder of Big Chill. “Bold, splashy colors tend to overwhelm, but when combined with a neutral palette in the same temperature range, they create a unique style that wows. Depending on where your home is located, you can get away with incorporating complementary colors. For example, if you live in a more southern, coastal area, a cool color such as a light blue or teal may look nice paired with a bold coral-colored appliance.”

Earth Tones

Lotta Lundaas, who is the CEO & Founder of Norse Interiors, explained earth tones are going to dominate next year. “When it comes to colors, the gray monochrome trend is on the way out and instead we’ll see all versions of sand and earthier colors like ochre, burnt gold, and terracotta.”

Color Saturation

Interior Designer Lisa Gilmore says the shift away from grey tones will mean more color saturation. “For a long time people have been in this grey phase While it’s very open airy and feels good, people are starting to turn to colors to pull different feelings and emotions. We are seeing people want to be energized, and kind of wrapped in color.”

Another great example of this look is using one color monochromatically. Designer David Stark explained, “Going monochromatic is in! Deep, rich monochromatic rooms can be the opposite of dark. Their luminescent hues are decidedly sexy.”

Agate Stone

According to Andi Pepper of Andi Pepper Interior Design, 2019 will be the year of agate stone tile. “The natural symmetry of this pattern really draws in the eye, and works as an appealingly chic contrast to bold colors and simplicity in a more modern space.”

Resort Amenities In Your Own Backyard

Fernando Wong of Fernando Wong Outside Living Design says his clients are requesting luxury hotel amenities in their backyards, “They ask us to make their property look like one of the three resorts we have done for the Four Seasons in Florida or like the Starwood Luxury Collection hotel we did in Savannah. They want all the amenities and the look of a luxury hotel and even go a bit further with requests such outdoor home theaters, poolside televisions and pizza ovens from Italy.”

Another popular feature is synthetic sod because it always looks perfect. “It can be used in shady areas and does not require water and chemicals to keep it healthy. Also, people see so much today because they travel much more than they did even a couple of years ago.”

Hyperrealism In Art

Chelsea Nassib Founder of online gallery Tappan Collective says a lot of art is pivoting towards a hyperrealistic style. “Hyperrealism as a style of painting and drawing and boundaries of canvas meaning different shapes of the actual painting surface, such as in the work of Anna Roberts. New works coming by Luke Chiswell puts multiple canvases together in an irregular shape to make one unique piece.”

But to generalize, she says, “Two things we’re seeing more of is an interest in hyper realism, less abstract paintings, and an exploration of the boundaries of the canvas.”


According to Angie Lee of FXCollaborative, biophilia will be a big trend this year. “Biophilia is a design driver that engages the end user by connecting them to primal instincts about the relationship between humans and nature. When done properly, we are calmed by the sight of greenery in the form of live plants and living walls, the sight, and sound of water, access to views of natural settings, and tactile organic materials such as wood and stone.”

She added, “Designing authentic biophilic settings that don’t trip our intuitive sensors with false substitutes is important especially in today’s technology-fueled world, where we increasingly crave a connection back to human-centric and natural elements.”


Velvet and other rich textiles will be more prominent than they’ve been in past years. This fabric creates a sense of warmth and depth, especially during the colder seasons. Krissa Wichser, interior designer and owner of the home decor store The Blue Octagon in Malvern, Pennsylvania explained, “Velvet used to be considered old-fashioned but it’s now seen as luxurious and comfortable. I also see more and more color coming back into homes—bolder, richer and dramatic.”

Pantone’s Color Of The Year

Living Coral was announced as the Color Of The Year for 2019. This fun, bright hue can be used in many ways according to Jennifer Matthews, who is the Co-Founder and Creative Director at Tempaper. “I love how optimistic this color is for interiors. Beyond the accent wall, it is easy to infuse Living Coral into a space with accessories such as lampshades, wall art, pillows, and throws. You can even take this a step further by integrating a colorful area rug to give the room dimension from the ground up.” Tempaper has several wall coverings infused with the color including Flora, Pom Pom, and Flamingos.

Interior Design Trends Going Away & Here to Stay in 2019


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